Teeth for Life

Dental health is an important part of your child’s overall health. Practicing good oral hygiene means maintaining your child's smile by visiting the dentist regularly and taking care of his or her teeth and gums in between checkups. Our team emphasizes prevention and establishing a dental home. We want to make sure that your child gets the most out of his or her office visits, and that your child’s teeth stay healthy for life! We'll work with you to provide complete dental care, and show you how to maintain your child's smile at home.

Preventative Services

  • Infant dental well-check
  • Comprehensive oral examination
  • Oral hygiene and dietary counseling
  • Dental cleaning
  • Topical fluoride varnish
  • Radiographs (X-rays)
  • Sealants
  • Orthodontic Screening
  • Athletic Mouthguards

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Did you know that at birth, people already have 20 primary (baby) teeth that begin erupting after six months, and that by age 21 there are no more primary teeth and all 32 permanent teeth have erupted?

Getting to know your teeth can be fun and educational!

Anatomy of a Tooth


Tooth Eruption Chart


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